About Moffat Angus
Welcome to Moffat Aberdeen-Angus
Owner: Rhona Moffat McLean, AA Society Member 2737
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 07989 726957

The Moffat Herd was established in 2008 having evolved from Auchencloich and Locher herds.

Based at East Barnbrock Farm, Kilbarchan, PA10 2PZ. The unit was relocated in 2020 to another part of my holding - "East Barnbrock".

"Auchencloich" began in 1989 with the aim of producing Aberdeen-Angus cattle of good conformation, excellent temperament and with the ability to thrive on a grass-based system on less favoured area land.

30 years on, these aims are still in place.

Priorities: High health and ease of calving.

Herd health has always been paramount.

Membership of the Premium Cattle Health Scheme from establishing the "Moffat" herd in 2008.

Free of BVD, Johnes, IBR and Lepto from first herd test in 2010.

"Moffat" has Elite status.

Foundation Cows

From the following herds:

  • Ashley
  • Thornton
  • Newark
  • Hatton
  • Mac
  • Ushaw

These female breeding lines continue in the herd.

Breeding females must rear an annual spring born calf on grass. No creep feeding until one month prior to housing for the winter in November when all calves are weaned.

Stock have access to minerals fulltime and in spring/autumn cows receive magnesium supplements.

Stock Bulls

Current Stock Bull

Ballindalloch Eagle W588
Born: 18/03/2020
Sire: Ballindalloch Earl N397
Dam: Ballindalloch Elsa M375

2020: Due to lockdown, AI and a home bred bull were used. Retties Lazy Rascal R308 and homebred bull Moffat Eldon U101.

Previous Stock Bulls

Retties Lazy Rascal R308 (AI) Pedigree 2020
Moffat Eldon U101 Pedigree 2020
Eilean Elgin T117 Pedigree 2019 - 2020
Moffat Elgin R066 Pedigree 2017 - 2018
Additional photos & videos of Moffat Elgin R066
Nightingale Peanut M646 Pedigree 2013 - 2018
Additional photo & video of Nightingale Peanut M646
Crake Gaffer Gamble H117 Pedigree 2008 - 2012
Easton Greys Elliot A007 Pedigree 2004 - 2007
Bar Lysander of Barwise Pedigree 2000 - 2003
Ushaw Bar Hart Pedigree 1997 - 1999
Winston P22 of Blelack Pedigree 1994 - 1996

2 herds have contributed greatly to the bull breeding lines - Nightingale and Cubbyhill.

Nightingale Angus

Cubbyhill Angus

These links will demonstrate background knowledge of the "Moffat" herd genetics.

A common factor is the belief that "breeding" not "feeding" is the way forward.

No EBV figures are available for "Moffat". I believe that in a small herd accuracy is poor.

My priority has been to fund "High Health", but EBV figures are available for all Nightingale bred cattle.